Doing Our Part

At Cairns Natural Spring Water, we believe in being responsible for the region you live in, and we strive to minimise the environmental impacts of running our business in the beautiful Far North.

Our hybrid delivery truck continues to reduce the company’s environmental footprint, and we aim to eventually have a fully electric truck.

Another part of our green initiative is a specialised blow-moulding machine enabling us to produce our own bottles on-site and avoid interstate road transport to Far North Queensland. 

Our drink bottles are made from pre-forms the size of test tubes. This small size enables us to get one pallet sent on a truck from Brisbane, replacing 22 pallet spaces of ready-made water bottles. 

The blow-moulding machine has been a great investment and a huge reduction in road travel emissions.

All our large 15-litre bottles are sterilised and reused on site. We pick up the empty ones, replace them with full ones, and the empties then come back to our factory to be hygienically sterilised and refilled.

With consumers and businesses alike working to cut back on single-use plastics, it’s important to remember that if plastic is recycled, it’s the best and cleanest solution for water bottles. One suggested alternative, aluminium cans, may mean less ocean waste, but the carbon emissions of producing one aluminium can is approximately twice that produced by manufacturing a plastic water bottle.

We know eco-friendly practices are as important to our customers as they are to us, so we will continue to reduce our footprint wherever possible, to be as green as we can be.

Watch to see how we are doing our part for the environment.

It's not easy being green!

Not only is our water bottled directly from the source right here in Cairns, eliminating the need to freight over long distances, but every part of our operation ensures your favourite Cairns Natural Spring Water gets delivered right to your door with a low carbon footprint and impressive green credentials.