How to clean your cooler

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Ready to start cleaning? 

Firstly, when planning the cleaning of your cooler make sure you time it when your water bottle is almost or completely empty, as it is much easier working with an empty bottle rather than a full one! Make sure you have washed your hands before you start.

Step 1 – Remove the bottle

Carefully lift the empty bottle out of the chiller machine.

Step 2 – Open the reservoir

Swivel the circular lid on top of the cooler until the Open arrow lines up with the other arrow and lift out the ring.

Step 3 – Drain the reservoir

Place an empty container under the taps of your water cooler and drain all remaining water into it.

Step 4 – Remove the Water Protection System

Reach inside the chiller and remove the circular divider (Water Protection System) at the base of the reservoir. Rinse the WPS under a tap and wipe it down with a clean cloth. 

Step 5 – Wash and flush the machine

Repeat the wash and wipe process inside the reservoir. Using hot water (and some baby bottle cleaner such as Milton’s), flush out the tank, and drain the tank into a jug. Rinse & Flush again, and don’t forget to wipe out the main tank!

Step 6  – Put it all back together

Wipe down the circular lid and attachments and place back onto the cooler, ensuring to twist the lid until the Close arrow lines up.

When installing your new bottle, ensure the bottle neck and cap are clean to prevent contamination. Additionally, wash your hands before handling bottles or using the dispenser.

If you are concerned about water coolers in high-touch areas, we also offer with contactless dispensers.

Have any questions about cleaning your cooler?