Containers For Change


Are you doing your part?

Since 2022, Cairns Natural Spring Water has participated in Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme, Containers for Change.

According to the Containers for Change website, Queensland alone goes through approximately 3 billion drink containers per year. Through the refund scheme, Queenslanders are incentivised to recycle their drink containers, which positively impacts the environment as well as our local communities.

When you recycle with Containers for Change, each eligible container you return will earn you a 10-cent refund that you can choose to keep or donate. Not only is this good for the environment, but it’s also a great way to make some pocket money or support local charities and community groups!

At Cairns Natural Spring Water, we have a specialised blow-moulding machine that enables us to produce our own bottles on site, significantly reducing our interstate road transport emissions.

Our water bottles are made from pre-forms the size of test tubes, and one pallet of pre-forms replaced 22 pallets of ready-made water bottles travelling up to Far North Queensland from Brisbane.

The best part? Cairns Natural Spring Water drink bottles are eligible for Containers for Change! Simply enjoy the refreshing taste of Cairns Natural Spring Water, then bring your empties to a Containers for Change refund point and earn your 10-cent refund per container. Your returned bottles are then recycled and turned into something new!

Our involvement with Containers for Change is part of our commitment to being as green and eco-friendly as possible. At Cairns Natural Spring Water, we believe in minimising the environmental impacts of running a business and looking after the beautiful region we live in. Watch here to see how we are doing our part for the environment.

Where to recycle your containers